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I am a Full Stack Developer using the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js).

A recent graduate from the Ironhack Web Development bootcamp.

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Sport Buddy

In the mood for a game of football? ⚽️ Ready to dust off your hiking boots? 🌳 Always struggle to find the perfect tennis partner? 🎾 Sport Buddy helps you search for the upcoming events, matches, and court availabilities to suit your desires. Sport Buddy allows you to search via a specific location, date or just simply see what’s the next upcoming available slot for you to join in!

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Barna Brew

Sick of the same Dolce Gusto coffee? Starbucks messed up your order again or you simply want to know where the best brew in town is? ☕️ Hundreds of options await you in Barcelona and at home. Barna Brew will help you source your new favourite beans or spot in Barcelona to brew the perfect coffee! Add your favourites ❤️ , leave ratings 💯 and filter by preferences 🤓

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Goalies is a game created using HTML Canvas, CSS and Javascript. The objective of the game is to save as many shots as possible by moving the goalie gloves with the mouse to achieve the highest score possible.

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